• 5 Useful Tips for Wording Your Wedding Invitations

    Good Morning Lovelies

    So we did two major things in our world yesterday; 1) signed up for a YouTube Channel and 2) uploaded our very first video. Arrrghh! Exciting and nervewrecking all at the same time! 

    This video was completed and sent to me back in April by a dear friend Gladys, who is the master behind KokoatDawnProductions but you know, I held on to it for so long thinking there could be more edits to make it perfect. Well, I'm going to tell you this - Certainly time waits for no man and I figured we'll learn along the way and get better at it. So, here goes - 5 Tips to Help with Wording Your Wedding Invitations. 

    Please don't be shy, feel free to leave a comment below this video on our brand new YouTube Channel or simply drop us a note - 


  • 30 Random Things About Me

    It's been over two years since I opened my studio in Lagos, Nigeria and for the most part I have been in the United States. It's been a tough one managing clients, calls, and logistics from here but our super AWESOME clients have made it soooooo worthwhile. Oh! and before I forget, my main staff girl, Victoria has been a life saver while I've been away. She's been with me from Day 1 since we opened the studio and still keeps it in check in my absence.

    Well, the good news is I am going to be back full time in Lagos, which means I get to meet past and future clients for appointments in person...yay! I'm super excited about this and for all the new possibilities and stuff we have in store.

    I am usually a behind the spotlight kind of girl but I'm learning to get out of my comfort zone. So, I thought I'd share a few random facts/musings about me. Without further ado, here we go...

    1) My siblings say I am the quintessential first born.

    2) I believe in the power of the tongue. Speak into existence what you do/don’t desire.

    3) I am terrifed of snakes.

    4) I don’t enjoy cooking anymore (just being honest).

    5) Champagne and wine gives me a headache.

    6) Integrity is everything.

    7) Between 16-18 weeeks, I was told my boys would only have a fifty percent chance of surviving (read up on the miracle of Monochorionic Twins if you wish to know more).

    8) My tummy gets all jacked up when I’m nervous.

    9) A lemon drop over an amaretto sour these days when it comes to cocktails.

    10) Was a bonafide “True Blood” fanatic. Sunday nights will never be the same.

    11) Jogging/running outdoors over a treadmill.

    12) My first automobile was a manual transmission neon blue Honda Accord CRX.

    13) I will marry my husband all over again.

    14) My parents come from the same little village somewhere in far away Edo North.

    15) I wrote a page turner book for teens when I was in high/secondary school but never followed through with a publisher. I was inspired by Sweet Valley High book series.

    16) I found out 5 years ago that an ex I dated as a freshman in college was convicted for murdering his ex-girlfriend (**insert bewildered emoticon face here**). Talk about dodging a serious bullet.

    17) My sisters and I (the bro wasn’t born yet) set up a full fledged library for kids in the neighbourhood we grew up in and also formed a group called “Surprising Six”. Secret passcodes and knocks were required to enter and attend our meetings. Go figure!!! We were obviously influenced by Famous Five & co......

    18) I think Bill Maher is so brillant it’s disrespectful.

    19) I think Bovi is my fave Nigerian comedian and love the quirkiness of actress, Nse Ikpe Etim.

    20) First time I heard the song “ALOBAM” by Phyno, I was like whoooa. He’s got talent.

    21) I tend not to sweat the small stuff but if you take the piss, you’ll get what you ask for.

    22) I think some people mistake being delusional for confidence (just my opinion).

    23) Once, I pounded my sister into the ground during a fight over naming Michaelangelo from the ninja turtles incorrectly. Pointless...we were so obessessed (circa 90’s).

    24) Is it weird that I still watch The Hobbit film series over and over again.

    25) Window and front of airplane seating makes me feel more in control. Don’t ask!!!!

    26) I do not have the heart for roller coasters anymore.

    27) I would love to visit Bali this year.

    28) Honestly, why hasn’t anyone figured out teleportation. Could be a serious game changer.

    29) I make my own wigs these days since hairstylists have gone bonkers with pricing.

    30) Sometimes I envy the likes of uninhibited Rihanna & co who care not one bit about what people think of their risque behaviour. I said SOMETIMES....

    I'll like to get to know you better as well so do share one or two random facts about yourself.....


    Photography | Yemi Thompson

  • Real Wedding | Denike & Akin | Lagos, Nigeria

    Today, we bring you images from the wedding of Denike & Akin. Denike was such a sweet bride to work with. Herself and Akin knew exactly what they wanted for their invitation suites - no fuss, simple, modern and fun. 

    When the couple received their invitation suites, we got a super short & sweet message from the bride, which read: 

    Hi Ata,

    We've picked up both cards, loved them, they are just as we imagined;

    Thanks a lot!

    Arrrghhh! Another win for us at the studio. 

    From the pictures you can surely tell their special day was filled with warmth, love and lots of laughter. Loved the modern feel of the reception hall which seemed to have a white base with splashes of coral and gold. Our fave looks from the decor/design of the reception hall were the handmade paper flowers which served as a backdrop for the elevated high table as well as the cute and super fun photo-booth. 

    Enjoy the photos lovelies.....

    Images - Demi O

    Vendor List:

    Church - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Lagos, Nigeria | Reception - The Landmark Center Lagos | Event Coordinators - Zapphire Events | Event Design - Decor by Furtullah | Dress - Mikaella Bridal | Photography - Demi O Photography | Veil - Molade Soyanwo