• 30 Random Things About Me

    It's been over two years since I opened my studio in Lagos, Nigeria and for the most part I have been in the United States. It's been a tough one managing clients, calls, and logistics from here but our super AWESOME clients have made it soooooo worthwhile. Oh! and before I forget, my main staff girl, Victoria has been a life saver while I've been away. She's been with me from Day 1 since we opened the studio and still keeps it in check in my absence.

    Well, the good news is I am going to be back full time in Lagos, which means I get to meet past and future clients for appointments in person...yay! I'm super excited about this and for all the new possibilities and stuff we have in store.

    I am usually a behind the spotlight kind of girl but I'm learning to get out of my comfort zone. So, I thought I'd share a few random facts/musings about me. Without further ado, here we go...

    1) My siblings say I am the quintessential first born.

    2) I believe in the power of the tongue. Speak into existence what you do/don’t desire.

    3) I am terrifed of snakes.

    4) I don’t enjoy cooking anymore (just being honest).

    5) Champagne and wine gives me a headache.

    6) Integrity is everything.

    7) Between 16-18 weeeks, I was told my boys would only have a fifty percent chance of surviving (read up on the miracle of Monochorionic Twins if you wish to know more).

    8) My tummy gets all jacked up when I’m nervous.

    9) A lemon drop over an amaretto sour these days when it comes to cocktails.

    10) Was a bonafide “True Blood” fanatic. Sunday nights will never be the same.

    11) Jogging/running outdoors over a treadmill.

    12) My first automobile was a manual transmission neon blue Honda Accord CRX.

    13) I will marry my husband all over again.

    14) My parents come from the same little village somewhere in far away Edo North.

    15) I wrote a page turner book for teens when I was in high/secondary school but never followed through with a publisher. I was inspired by Sweet Valley High book series.

    16) I found out 5 years ago that an ex I dated as a freshman in college was convicted for murdering his ex-girlfriend (**insert bewildered emoticon face here**). Talk about dodging a serious bullet.

    17) My sisters and I (the bro wasn’t born yet) set up a full fledged library for kids in the neighbourhood we grew up in and also formed a group called “Surprising Six”. Secret passcodes and knocks were required to enter and attend our meetings. Go figure!!! We were obviously influenced by Famous Five & co......

    18) I think Bill Maher is so brillant it’s disrespectful.

    19) I think Bovi is my fave Nigerian comedian and love the quirkiness of actress, Nse Ikpe Etim.

    20) First time I heard the song “ALOBAM” by Phyno, I was like whoooa. He’s got talent.

    21) I tend not to sweat the small stuff but if you take the piss, you’ll get what you ask for.

    22) I think some people mistake being delusional for confidence (just my opinion).

    23) Once, I pounded my sister into the ground during a fight over naming Michaelangelo from the ninja turtles incorrectly. Pointless...we were so obessessed (circa 90’s).

    24) Is it weird that I still watch The Hobbit film series over and over again.

    25) Window and front of airplane seating makes me feel more in control. Don’t ask!!!!

    26) I do not have the heart for roller coasters anymore.

    27) I would love to visit Bali this year.

    28) Honestly, why hasn’t anyone figured out teleportation. Could be a serious game changer.

    29) I make my own wigs these days since hairstylists have gone bonkers with pricing.

    30) Sometimes I envy the likes of uninhibited Rihanna & co who care not one bit about what people think of their risque behaviour. I said SOMETIMES....

    I'll like to get to know you better as well so do share one or two random facts about yourself.....


    Photography | Yemi Thompson